Because there are places that define destinations and provide a more interesting landscape, get toknow a different Portugal.

Located on the main square of the Monastery of Alcobaa, the restaurant A Casa combines theunique personality of a three centuries's house and its connection to the secular heritage ofUNESCO, addressed in detail in the culture of dining and wine appreciation.

A Casa is a extension of the restaurant in So Martinho do Porto to the city of Alcobaa, with amore informal cuisine. From the careful selection of ingredients, we could not fail to mention fishdishes and meat, where we our dedication to food bussiness is reflected on the table: the famousChicken in the Pcara, the Lamb Chops, the Squid Lagareiro and Codfish Casa.

The wine list is selected and composed by Portuguese wines, designed to complement your meal.We also have a wineboxes if you want to taste of our wines in your home or offer it as a gift to afriend.

Come and enjoy our list, in a unique place with plenty of history and the magnificent backgroundof the Cistercian Order's Monastery, the restaurant A Casa is an not to miss point for visitorscoming to Alcobaa.

The Restaurant